How I beat Web 2.0

Since Thursday I’ve been conducting an extremely important experiment: Can I survive without Facebook, Twitter and my favorite websites for 3 days? The reason: To avoid early discovery of who won American Idol.


I admit it, and I’m not ashamed to say: I love the show. Call me shallow, call me lame, call me whatever. It’s a good show. Period.

But it’s shown in Israel 3 days after the broadcast in the States. Which means, that if I wanted to keep it a surprise I would have to avoid sites that might give the results away. The only thing I did was check my Gmail. It was tough. I caught myself subconsiously dragging the mouse pointer to the Facebook link more than once. But all along I knew my efforts would not go unrewarded – the glam-rock, tongue-flashing, full of himself Adam Lambert lost to the humble, harmless Kris Allen. (Although I was rooting for Allison).

So yes, it can be done. I know, we’re all addicted to Web 2.0 – but it can be done.

Wait…  who am I fooling… I love Web 2.0!!!!


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