Waiting for Bibi

I can’t help but feel like we’ve been here before, it’s a deja vu kinda feeling. Bibi’s government has taken me back in time, to the 90’s, it’s like nothing changed in 12 years. Nothing. What a difference between here and America: after 100 days, people don’t have enough fingers to count what Obama’s done, and the excitement is almost campaign-like. Here? Here there’s no excitement, no rush. We’re just waiting. Waiting for the first big “Screw-up a-la Bibi”, like the tunnel opening under the Wall in 1996.

I was watching this “Chamishiya” clip a few days ago, and couldn’t get over how it seemed like it was made yesterday. But can anyone believe that Keren Mor actually (brilliantly) played this hooker in ’96? And even better, can you believe it was broadcast on Channel 1, public TV? These guys had balls…

For those of you who don’t know Hebrew, Keren is basically asking Bibi to “Open the tunnel, yes, Bibi, open the tunnel”.


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