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It's My (Hebrew) Birthday!

July 30, 2009

Tweet Happy Tisha B’av! Come on, I know you’re all bummed out because of the Temple lying in ruins, but hey, at least you got Half & Half these days, right? Right? So go on, tear your shirt, get dusty, sit on the floor, don’t eat anything, and when someone asks you “Hey, what’s with […]


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We Need this Woman

July 27, 2009

Tweet Dr. Phil couldn’t solve the conflict – maybe this gal can. She’s a problem solver.


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A Tale of Two Whistleblowers

July 26, 2009

Tweet Whistleblowers are hard to come by. They’re basically every journalist’s dream. Some of the biggest scoops in history have come from whistleblowers. But they’re rare, mainly because they have a lot to risk. Their job, their status, even their own well being. Which is also why some choose to stay anonymous. Two stories that […]


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I'm Going to Neverland

July 23, 2009

Tweet Exclusive! Michael Jackson’s children seem to be popping up everywhere, and just in time Half & Half has gotten hold of the lyrics of Paul Simon’s new song, “I’m going to Neverland”! Press play on the video below and sing along with lyrics underneath: Neverland The smog of Southern Cali, Was sticky like a barrel full […]


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How's That Workin' for Ya?

July 21, 2009

Tweet On one of my last posts, two people who are dear to me had quite the debate (Liat and Lee) going on about the Mideast, and some way or another Dr. Phil got mixed in. I was amazed that the two actually quoted Dr. Phil in the first place, but was even more amazed […]


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Is it getting hot in here or what?

July 16, 2009

Tweet Many of our readers across the pond may not know this, but besides the best-selling Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there are other conflicts Israel can be very proud of. One of my favorites is the Secular-Orthodox saga. It’s got drama, violence, religion, suspense – you name it. Secular vs orthodox affairs have throughout the years been […]


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Should Expats Be Quiet?

July 14, 2009

Tweet I’d like to open up a certain topic for discussion here on Half & Half. I have a question that I’ve been trying to answer for years, and this past week the urge to answer it has become even stronger. My last posts on the Cellcom ad have received a lot of attention, and […]


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Close Encounters of the Levantine Kind – Part 3

July 12, 2009

Tweet (Part 1, Part 2) Last post about this, I promise… Victims of the in-house drive-by  Dimi Reider has added a few interesting, sad thoughts to his important post: The more I think about this ad, from an activist perspective, the sadder it seems. Ads aimed at the general market, like this one, are invaluable time […]


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Close Encounters of the Levantine Kind – Part 2

July 12, 2009

Tweet (Part 1 can be read here) The Shelved Cellcom Ads It’s mid June at the McCann Erickson offices in Tel Aviv. Hagit, Eyal and Oz have come with their ad proposals for the new cellcom campaign. Luckily enough, you and I are flys on the wall, and are witnessing the ads that never came […]


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Close Encounters of the Levantine Kind

July 11, 2009

Tweet or shall I call this one: Where’s Richard Dreyfuss when you need him? A new cellphone ad on Israeli TV has already made someone start a Facebook page against it. In the ad, Israeli soldiers are seen playing soccer over the Separation Wall with the unseen enemy on the other side. An excellent analysis […]


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