Paradise in Rosh Pina

Karen and I usually do our zimmer-vacationing in a small village called Matat, near the Lebanese border. We like it up there, because it’s very secluded. But this time we went up to Rosh Pina, because we wanted to be closer to some restaurants and shopping.
After hours searching the net, and almost giving up, I stumbled upon a little zimmer (cabin) called “Gloria’s Romantic Garden of Eden”. I immediately called up, after seeing the pics on the site, and Gloria answered the phone. She asked if I spoke English, and I told her I was, well, a “Half & Half”, and she yelled out to her husband “Jerald! There’s a nice American boy on the phone who wants to come over!”.
The room is situated at the bottom of their old stone house, with walls so thick you don’t need air-conditioning in the August heat. And boy, was it hot then. The small yet cozy room has everything you need, but one of the perks is the private swimming pool just outside. Most places that have pools have to share it with at least 3 or 4 other zimmers. So this was nice.
But the biggest perk of all are those two Brits, Gloria and Jerald. Gloria makes an amazing breakfast, and you can sit with her forever, listening to her about her life in England, Memphis (yeah, Memphis!), Manhattan, her father who was a chazan, her crazy parties in NY and her close friendship with Nina Simone and Shoshana Damari (with pics to prove it!). Jerald will tell you all about the house, situated smack in the center of the old restored part of the moshava. Menachem Begin himself hid in the house from the British on the 1940’s!
So, this is defenitely a Half & Half zimmer for all my Half & Half readers out there! Enjoy!
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