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Just Sign Here

September 22, 2009

Tweet The untimely death of Assaf Ramon has brought to the surface a very interesting debate that has actually been going on for years in Israel. Ramon was the son of Ilan Ramon, Israel’s first astronaut who died in the Colombia disaster. The minute the story broke, people started saying: “His mother should never have signed […]


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Farewell Gidster

September 10, 2009

Tweet   Gidi, my dear beloved pooch, I hope all is well with you in doggie heaven. I just wanted to say sorry. Sorry for not taking you down enough. Sorry for keeping you holed up in a small Tel Aviv flat, when you should have been running all around. Sorry for kicking you in the […]


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Izzie in HolyLand – Part 4

September 8, 2009

Tweet (Telephone rings) Izzie: Hello? Barack: Hey Izzie, it’s me… Izzie: Baracky?! Is that you baby? Barack: Yeah, did I wake you? Izzie: It’s OK baby, you can call me anytime… you OK? Barack: Yeah, yeah…. It’s just… Izzie: What… you can tell me… Barack: I dunno. Rahm showed me this piece in Haaretz… Kinda […]


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