Farewell Gidster



Gidi, my dear beloved pooch, I hope all is well with you in doggie heaven.

I just wanted to say sorry.

Sorry for not taking you down enough.

Sorry for keeping you holed up in a small Tel Aviv flat, when you should have been running all around.

Sorry for kicking you in the ribs after you ate my brand new SLR.

Sorry about all those shmucks who used to cross the street when they saw you because you’re an Amstaff.

Sorry I paid you less attention after Emma was born.

And thanks.

Thanks for adopting me, 9 years ago, when our paths crossed outside the Ha’aretz building in south Tel Aviv.

Thanks for loving Karen so much, and being so gentle with baby Emma (today she already asked me where you were).

Thanks for being so patient.

Thanks for letting me pet you when I needed it.

Thanks for just being my best friend…

I love you!



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