reality check

You know how, if you’re American, and you watch reality shows like Survivor, you sometimes get the chills when you see a redneck saying ridiculously stupid things? You know what I’m talking about?

Like, when they say something really stupid, and you kind of hope no one from any other country is watching? So they don’t see the truth? You know, so they don’t find out what most Americans are like? You ever get that feeling?

Because, let’s face it – reality shows pretty much show us, well – reality. The real people. Forget the fact that the show is crap and the situations aren’t real. The people are real. And they’re pretty much like the Average Joe out there.

Same thing here, in Israel. We’ve got our own Survivor. And boy, things are heating up this week between Shai and Ziv, the two undisputed leaders of the Mansaka tribe. Here’s the promo:

Nice, right? Yeah, we’re good at promos.

Anyway, as I was saying, reality shows give us a glance at the real us. And Shai here is the real us, in this case. Shai’s a good bloke. Everybody likes him. He’s charismatic, athletic, smart. Good lookin’ (some might say), too. And he’s an entrepeneur, he has his own restaurant. He’s living the Israeli dream. He’s the concensus. And he’s got everybody wrapped around his finger on the show. He’s calling the shots.

That is… until Ziv started messing with him. And that got Shai angry. But Shai isn’t deterred by that. No… Shai knows exactly how to deal with people like Ziv. Here’s Shai’s immaculate plan:

“It’s like the State of Israel, and he opened up Gaza, he opened up Palestine, just like that – inside of me! They throw stones, they harrass. Let’s take their heads off and then expel them.”

Yup. Ziv is just like those annoying Palestinians. And we know how to deal with those guys.


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