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Bibi – The Real Deal

December 25, 2009

How cool is Bibi Netanyahu?
Seriously, how cool is this guy?
Cool. Way cool.
I mean, how cool is it, that when everybody thought a deal for Shalit was around the corner,
Bibi was working on the Real Deal?
Seriously, how cool is it, that when we thought that in just a few days we’d see Gilad hugging his parents,
Bibi [...]


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And The Whores Like A Choir

December 24, 2009

I’m 19. Or 20.
I’m home for the weekend, from the navy.
All I want to do is forget about the navy.
All I want to do is not go back to the base on Sunday.
Don’t want to smell the diesel polluting the sea.
Let the weekend last forever.
It’s Friday.
We’re at the “Second City” (Ha’ir HaShnia).
Me and my buddy [...]


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A Clear and Present Danger

December 18, 2009

Last week I saw an interesting interview on TV. It was Avri Gilad hosting Rabbi Dov Wolpe, an extreme right winger. Wolpe heads The Task Force to Save the Nation and the Land, who basically give money to soldiers who refuse to evacuate settlements.
The interview itself wasn’t that interesting, we’ve heard extreme right views a [...]


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Izzie in Holyland – Part 5

December 14, 2009

Izzie: Hey Baracky!
Barack: Izzie? Is that you?
Izzie: Yeah! Baracky, guess what?
Barack: Izzie… how many times do I have to tell you, there’s a 7 hour time difference. It’s 3 am here… and,
Izzie: But Baracky! I had to call you, I just had to!
Barack: Michelle is right next to me Izzie, this is a bad time. [...]


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A Freeze? Maybe When Hell Freezes Over

December 7, 2009

Yo, Obama! You must be pretty proud of yourself for getting a 10-month settlement “freeze” from Bibi.
Well, if I were you, I wouldn’t be too happy. Putting the obvious aside (i.e. that a settlement freeze should be ETERNAL), do you honestly believe Bibi is doing this to achieve peace? To set the wheels in motion?
Come on…  [...]


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How Selfish Can I Be?

December 3, 2009

Just another day at the supermarket. Lately I’ve been wondering why they make me feel like a cheap, selfish bastard every time I pile up my goods.

Cashier: Would you like anything from our special sales?
Me: No thanks, just what I’ve got here.
Cashier: OK. Would you like to donate 5 shekels to children with cancer?
Me: No, [...]


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