Izzie in HolyLand – Part 11

Ring, ring!

Izzie: Carlos?

Santana: Si?

Izzie: Carlos, it’s Izzie. What’s this I hear you cancelled your gig?

Santana: Yeah, listen honey, we had a really tight schedule, and, it’s just, like, it just didn’t feel right, ya know, with the occupation and everything, you get my drift, right?

Izzie: So why the fuck did you book a concert to begin with? Why get people all geared up and ready to go and buy tickets?

Santana: Listen chiquita, I’m sorry, but I just heard about the whole occupation thing, like, just a few days ago. So, when I heard about it, I, like, I asked my manager, I said, “Hermano, like, que paso?” and he said, like, “These Judios, man, they’re, like, fucking the Palestinos for, like, mucho tiempo, man”, and I said, like, “Shit, man”.

Izzie: Fuck you, Carlos. First Costello, now this. Fuck the both of you.

Santana: No, Izzie, tranquila! Listen, I wrote a song for you, maybe it’ll somehow change your ways, like, you know, like, end the suffering, or like, the occupation, OK? So, like, Listen up… OK? Vamos.

Occupation Ways

You’ve got to change your evil ways, Izzie
Before I start singin’ for you
You’ve got to change, Izzie
And every word that I say, it’s true

You’ve got me, bookin’ and cancellin’, all over town
You’ve got me teasin’, disrespectin’, and running you down
This can’t go on,
Lord knows you got to change, Izzie

When I come home, Izzie
They say I never should perform for you
You’re occupyin’, Izzie
With Ehud and Avgidor and a who knows who

I’m getting tired of waiting and fooling around
I’ll find some country, who won’t make me feel like a (Spanish) clown
This can’t go on,
Lord knows you got to change

Yeah, yeah, yeah



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