So Elvis, Avigdor, Gabor and Taleb go to this bar, see?

Elvis has left the building

I have yet to make my mind up about the BDS (Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions) option against Israel. It seems like I have a different opinion about it every other day. What I do feel lately, though, is that it’s just not time yet for BDS, especially when no real effort to put political\diplomatic pressure has ever taken place, neither by Europe and particularly the U.S. This route, in my opinion, should be exhausted first, and if and when this fails – it may be time to think about BDS.

As some of you may know, Elvis Costello recently cancelled his gig in Israel. I didn’t buy a ticket for this one, but I can understand a lot of the anger out there. It’s not cool to book a concert, sell every ticket, and then cancel for political reasons. Then again, the occupation isn’t too “cool” either. Nonetheless, Elvis – next time do us a favor and nip it at the bud.

Yali Sobol, an Israeli rocker who writes for the liberal local Tel Aviv weekly Ha’ir, had a good piece about Costello’s move, which I can’t say I agree with totally- but definitely got me thinking. Here’s an excerpt I’ve translated:

“There are two main prerequisites for a boycott. The first – that the side being boycotted is weaker than the side that is doing the boycotting. Nobody boycotts the class bully, nobody boycotts the Chinese over Tibet, the Russians over Chechnya or the Turks over the Kurds.

The second prerequisite – the boycotter must feel deeply threatened by the boycotted side… (For example) Israel boycotts the Hamas because negotiating with them would deeply threaten its existence: either by finding out that indeed there is nothing to talk about, and then we are destined to eternal war, or by finding out that indeed there IS something to talk about, and then we are destined to a profound change in the nature of the State.

In the spring of 2010 the singer Elvis Costello boycotted the State of Israel. He cancelled his show in Ceasarea to which he sold all the tickets. He explained the act by saying that the visit itself to Israel is a political act much more powerful than anything he could sing or say to his fans or to the Israeli media. As for the first prerequisite for a boycott, here it’s easy – Israel, despite its megalomania, is still a tiny and hated country. I have no doubt Costello will happily perform in Turkey and Russia. We’re much easier to boycott.

But the interesting question is about the second prerequisite – what makes Costello feel so deeply threatened that he would boycott? The answer can be found closer to home than what Costello would like to admit. The (white) State of Israel, with its occupying and oppressing behaviour towards the (black) Palestinian people over the past decades puts a mirror up in front of the man who belongs to the top echelons of the oppressors of the world, that same echelon that for hundreds of years has upheld an amazingly sophisticated system of theft and exploitation towards most of the world’s population. If Mr. Costello, like all the moderate European left, would dare to look into this mirror, he would find out that he isn’t actually a member of any kind of “left” whatsoever, but part of the elite of the world oppressors. In this situation he wouldn’t be able to cross the threshold of his own home and even perform at the pub just around the corner.”

Another minister, another charge

Just a few days have passed since the police recommended indicting Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman for “alleged breach of trust in a case involving Israel’s former ambassador to Belarus, Zeev Ben Aryeh. Police believe that in 2008, while Ben Aryeh served as ambassador, he relayed to Lieberman secret details about an ongoing investigation against him, which the envoy had received as part of his official function.”

Today I couldn’t find a word about it.

Ah, who cares. Just a case of the “Been there, done that”, right?

Hurray for Decent Debate!

Got a great comment on my “About” page a few days ago, after I published my op-ed in the Jerusalem Post.

Nothing quite like starting your day with a nice, juicy death threat, I’m tellin’ ya.


Enemies intra portas

As Caroline Glick so fantastically illustrated at her weekly column today, and judging by the genuine goals and interests with respect to Israel’s wellbeing in terms of ecnomic development and cetra, the only proper place for you could well be either the recently assaulted Summer Camp run by UNWRA, the bottom of the sea in the Med a few well-measured steps from the shores in TA or at the “receiving end” of a nice, but strong enough rope. For me any of the 3 options could do, since disguised anti-Israeli extremists deserve no better, alas.

The sooner the better Ami. Don’t be too shy to execute the 3rd method. It just suits you nicely.

Traitors are shot dead like rats in every society you know.

Gábor Fränkl
Budapest, Hungary
for the time being…”

Hurray for Decent Debate II!

Noam Sheizaf has a piece up today about an interesting back and forth on Facebook between an Arab MK and members of a Facebook group who want to burn him. Yes, burn him. And they put a pic of him with red eyes and red horns.

Lines are being crossed way too easily.

The flames of racism are getting higher each day.

But Ah, who cares. Been there, done that.

“The roof, the roof,
The roof is on fire.

The roof, the roof,
The roof is on fire.

The roof, the roof,
The roof is on fire.

We don’t need no water,
Let the mother-f-cker burn.

Burn, mother-f-cker, burn.”



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