Tribe One and Tribe Two: Introduction

There once were two tribes
That lived closely together,
They often were kind
But not friends altogether.

In fact, these two tribes
Who I now show to you,
Have quite cheeky vibes:
Tribe One and Tribe Two

Tribe One likes to say
“I was always here first!”,
And he boasts now and then
Just how well he is versed.

“I know all of the bible,
I know every verse,
Our G-d says this Land
Is all ours to traverse!”

“Now wait just a sec!”
Said Tribe Two to Tribe One,
“You wait just a minute,
You wait ’till I’m done!

“This isn’t your land,
This is my kingdom, too!”
He was really quite mad,
Oh he was, that Tribe Two…

And so the two tribes
Went to war on occasion
And they killed more and more
with each ghastly invasion.

Until all the nations
Decided one day
To end it for good, yes
To end it that day.

So they gathered and after much heated debate,
They divided the land
They decided their fate

Those countries,
They founded the New Jewish State
It was not long ago
‘Twas 1948

And Tribe One was quite happy,
“I can’t stop the tears!
I’ve been waiting so long,
For ‘just’ two thousand years!”

But Tribe Two felt ripped off,
He felt bitter and blue,
He did not feel that good,
Not at all, did Tribe Two.

‘Till this day he remembers that day of malaise
And he calls it the Nakba,
His saddest of days.

And they bickered and squabbled
“You’re awful!”
“No, you!”
They just argued and argued
Tribe One and Tribe Two

Until one day a friend
Chose their leader in drama
A feline, he was
And they called him Obama

“Look at me!
Look at me!”,
Said Obama the Cat,
“Let’s talk”, said the cat
With a tip of his hat.

And after much pushing and shoving and squawks
They finally started “proximity talks”.

But nobody knew
If they’d put down their gun
Because most had lost faith in
Tribe Two and Tribe One

‘Till this point is where our adventure has come,
With The Land,
And The Cat,
And Tribe Two,
And Tribe One

Let’s see how it ends,
Stick around!
Oh, please do!
Let’s see what will come of
Tribe One and Tribe Two!


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