Money Makes the World Go ‘Round

Let’s get a few things straight here, if you haven’t already understood where this post is going after reading the headline:

Santana, Elvis Costello, and as of today – The Pixies (disclaimer: I bought tickets to this one, and wrote about how excited I was here) couldn’t care less about the Palestinians.

Carlos Santana doesn’t pick up his guitar every morning and pretend it’s an oud while humming verses from the Koran to the tune of Black Magic Woman.

Elvis Costello doesn’t “write the book” everyday after thinking of new ways to end the siege on Gaza.

And Frank Black couldn’t care less if Bibi is six or if Allah is seven.

The only thing that happened here is a cold calculation about images and the possibility of them being tarnished.

It’s much easier to give up on a small Israeli crowd than the potential damage of losing out on huge crowds back home or in Europe.

So, you might be for boycotts, or you might be against them. And you might be naive enough to think that rock stars actually give a shit.

But I hate to break it to ya – it’s all about the money.

So shove that in your peace pipe and smoke it.


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