The Kaufmans Come Out in Full Force

After years of sitting on the sidelines (well, let’s face it – with two kids on your hands, there’s barely enough time for anything) the Kaufman family decided to get off their cute little tushies and head down to the demonstration against Bibi and everything he stands for.

Apparently I love Arabs - Lea a bit less. (Sign reads: I love Arabs - Ask me How)

It was a nice turnout. Not as big as we had all hoped for. But a good start. Organizers said 20,000. Websites say around 7,000.

 I was especially impressed with the words of author Nir Bar’am, who was as articulate as they come, and asked some good questions, like why has Israel abandoned the Arab peace initiative. Other than that, it wasn’t a very powerful demonstration.

But I guess the main event of the evening was the smoke bomb that was thrown straight into the crowd. It was kind of scary, since the dark smoke kept on getting thicker and blacker, and it looked for a minute like there was a big fire going on. One can only hope that in future demonstrations the police will do a better job at protecting the demonstrators. Our opponents are known to have a short fuse.

The other main event was at the end, when all of us were leaving the demo and had to pass a group of right wingers.

I looked at them, with my daughter Lea hanging on a sling in front of me, and they called me a traitor.

Their eyes were full of rage, and they called me an anti-semite.

They waved their fists at me and my daughter and called me an ass-fucker.

And for a second I was angry.

But my anger quickly turned into pity.

Pity for the class bully who resorts to foul language and violence.

Pity for the weak mind that knows no better.

Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.


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