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Diana, Elvis and BDS

July 29, 2010

Tweet It’s the night before her show in Israel, and Diana Krall has her suitcase at the door, ready to go to the airport. Diana: OK Hun, I’m ready. The taxi’ll be here in a few minutes. Elvis Costello: OK. Diana: So, are you going to just sit there or are you going to come […]


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July 25, 2010

Tweet A few weeks ago I went to the doctor. My throat was sore. Turns out I had strep. After he prescribed me some meds, he said: “By the way, I’d go check out some of those moles”. I have a lot of moles. I inherited them. Throughout the years I had them checked, and […]


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The Top 10 IDF Dance Videos

July 19, 2010

Tweet Hey everybody! This week we bring you Half & Half’s definitive list of IDF dance videos! Let’s see which group of boys or girls in green makes it to number one! (Some clips can only be seen on Youtube itself, so just click – and come back for more!) 10. Coming in at number […]


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Home, Sweet Home!

July 15, 2010

Tweet Half & Half is back after a long-needed break in the Big Apple. As usual, Karen and I, whenever in the best town on Earth, flirt with the idea of moving over and taking our chances in the Goldena Medina, maybe even ze Upper Vest Side.. But really, what is it about that place? […]


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