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The Arsification of Israel

Published on April 12, 2009 By Ami Kaufman

Tweet Don’t worry, I won’t be telling any Ars jokes, or show you that clip about how to identify an Ars in the wild and all that crap. (oh well, here it is…. come on, it’s funny!) First of all, I certainly hope all of you know what an Ars is…. But for those who […]


the beginning of the end

Published on April 7, 2009 By Ami Kaufman

Tweet  Exactly one year ago today, Israeli police raided the radio station RAM FM in Jerusalem. The raid signalled the beginning of the end, and the station eventually closed down in August. I had the privilege to work at the station for a few months just before it went off the air. It was a […]


The bubble on the Yarkon

Published on April 5, 2009 By Ami Kaufman

Tweet Every time I tell someone I was born in Tel Aviv, my wife rolls her eyes. I guess she’s right in a way. The hospital I was born in was in fact in Tel Aviv, “Asuta” hospital, on Jabotinsky St. But my folks lived in Ra’anana at the time, 20 minutes away. So, basically […]


Freud would have a field day

Published on April 3, 2009 By Ami Kaufman

Tweet I’m tired of Israeli sports. So tired, that not only do I never expect any Israeli athlete to ever win anything, I’m simply tired of being disappointed by how badly we lose. That’s how frustrated I am. I watch tennis, soccer and basketball games, and keep my fingers crossed until the clock runs down […]



Published on April 1, 2009 By Ami Kaufman

Tweet 30 ministers (5 of them with no portfolio), 8 deputy ministers – and not one guy willing to be Minister of Health. How sad it doesn’t even have anyting to do with April Fool’s Day… http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/130713


She Knows Nose!

Published on March 29, 2009 By Ami Kaufman

Tweet Ami: I think I’m gonna write about OPOL. Karen: What? Ami: OPOL. I wanna write about it. Karen: Write about what? Ami: OPOL. Jesus, do I have to spell it out for you? Karen: Yes please. Ami: O-P-O-L. OPOL. Karen: The car? Ami: Not Opel. OPOL! OPOL! We do it everyday! Karen: We do an OPOL everyday? Ami: Ya […]