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Barak Ravid: 'Israeli Right will find it hard to label Biden 'anti-Israel''

Barak Ravid: 'Israeli Right will find it hard to label Biden 'anti-Israel''

My guest this week is the busiest reporter in Israel, based on the amount and pace of scoops he publishes. Barak Ravid is probably the most well known diplomatic correspondent in this country. He worked for years in Israel’s leading broadsheet Haaretz, then moved to TV - until he got fired, for reasons we’ll discuss in our chat. He now works in two news organizations, Walla News here in Israel, and one of my favorite websites in the US:

Not many people know the Mideast political and diplomatic arena like Barak does, and we get to talk about that, about media in Israel, about Trump’s legacy and Biden’s challenges, the way he works his sources and how he maintains a relationship with them, and he gives me a very honest answer to the podcast question about what should be between the river and the sea.

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