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Eman Mohammed: 'I have a love hate relationship with Gaza'

Eman Mohammed: 'I have a love hate relationship with Gaza'

There's a first time for everything, right? Well, this is the first episode where I shed a tear during recording.

My guest this week is the first female Palestinian photojournalist in Gaza. Eman Mohammed started her career at the young age of 19, not only dodging bombings, but also misogyny from her colleagues and surroundings, who thought a woman was not cut out for the job.

But that didn’t stop her. She eventually became one of the most well known photographers in the region, her photos published in all the major media outlets around the world, until THAT day, that one day of bombing in another Gazan war, that hit close to home. Way too close to home. Her daughter was injured.

We’ll talk about that horrific day, about her becoming a speaker for TED and a senior TED fellow, about living in America during the Trump era, why she decided to remove her hijab, and so much more.

But first - an apology. I screwed up. I messed up the settings in this zoom call, and instead of recording my voice on my fancy microphone, it was recorded by the computer mic - which is pretty bad. A real rookie mistake, I admit it...  I was thinking about re-recording, but I thought that since Eman’s voice is still heard very well, and she’s the important one here and I’m just a bit muffled here and there - it wasn’t worth trying to replicate the whole conversation. I promise, though, that you will still enjoy this episode AND that I have learned my lesson the hard way.

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