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Mira Awad: 'I feel stronger these days, I'm not threatened easily'

Mira Awad: 'I feel stronger these days, I'm not threatened easily'

What really makes my day is talking to an amazing and inspiring artist.

She’s a singer. A musician. A songwriter. She is an actress on stage and on the screen. She is a screenwriter. She’s an activist for women’s rights, for Palestinian rights. She was even in the Eurovision!

Today I am so honored to speak with Mira Awad, one of Israel’s most famous artists, famous abroad as well, who has been challenging norms since childhood, norms in Arab society, in Israeli society, constantly giving the middle finger to the patriarchy - as one should.

She has courage and bravery like I’ve never seen, never ending talent, and if you ask me - a voice to die for. Honestly, it’s angelic. Obviously I was a bit star struck during this one…

So, sit down, keep on jogging, or cooking or whatever you’re doing - and have a listen.

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