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Ronit Vered: 'I do believe there is such a thing as Israeli cuisine'

Ronit Vered: 'I do believe there is such a thing as Israeli cuisine'

My guest this week is someone I am very excited to talk to, being the foodie that I am. Ronit Vered is a researcher of food culture, she’s a journalist, an author of food and travel books. Since 2007 she’s been writing a weekly column about food in Haaretz. It’s a wonderful column, with photographs from an amazing photographer named Dan Peretz. Together they document people, food, disappearing preparation methods that they encounter every week, as they crisscross the country looking for good stories.

She also writes for international culinary magazines and books, she gives lectures and moderates international panels about cuisines and identity, food and politics, the Jewish kitchen, Israeli cuisine, and so much more. She really is one of the best in her field.

We talk about food and identity in Israel and Palestine, about what covid-19 is doing to the food business, about dishes like hummus, sabich - even schnitzel! It was, if I may say so myself, a delicious chat.

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